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16 Jan : Plenary Session | Policy Dialogue | Global Economy | Prospects for ASEAN |
China Opportunities
17 Jan : Payment Technology and Cyber Security

16 January 2017 (Monday) – Day 1
Plenary Session - Asia: Driving Change, Innovation and Connectivity Top

Q1. What is your outlook for the global economy in 2017?

Q2. What is the biggest global economic risk in 2017?

Q3. Which segment/area in Asia’s financial services industry will be changed most radically by Financial Technologies?

Policy Dialogue - Challenges for Central Banks and Financial Regulators in an Era of New Political and Economic Uncertainty Top

Q1. After hearing from the panel, do you think that this time – unlike in the Asian Financial Crisis – Asian economies will be able to withstand the challenges posed by rising protectionism, the roll-back of globalisation, divergent interest rates, currency pressures and associated capital flows?

Panel Discussion on Global Economy Top

Q1. What is the greatest challenge to the global economy in the year ahead?

Q2. Which region do you think will offer the best investment returns in 2017?

Q3. Which sectors have the greatest potential to drive economic growth globally in the year ahead?

Panel Discussion on Prospects for ASEAN Top

Q1. If you had $100M to invest in ASEAN for seeking the highest return, which country would you choose?

Q2. Do you think China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative will bring about substantial economic benefits to most, if not all, ASEAN countries?

Q3. Will the rise in anti-globalisation sentiments and the likely changes in US trade policy negatively impact regional economic integration in East Asia?

Panel Discussion on China Opportunities Top

Q1. What is your prediction for China’s GDP growth in 2017?

Q2. China’s main growth engine in 2017 lies in:

Q3. What is the greatest threat to China’s economy in 2017?

Q4. When do you think the RMB might become fully convertible?

17 January 2017 (Tuesday) – Day 2
Panel Discussion on Payment Technology and Cyber Security Top

Q1. Which factor below is the most important growth driver for payment technology and cyber security?

Q2. What would be the major challenge to the growth for payment technology and cyber security?